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The following Terms and Conditions are prescribed by Fundvest Capital Limited. Upon thoroughly reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions, they shall, along with other agreement(s) you subsequently execute, guide your use of the portal, mobile application and all other dealings with the Company.

1. You certify that you are of legal age and have the capacity to enter into and be bound by

a contract.

2. You understand that these Terms & Conditions are subject to modification by the

Company and your subsequent continued use of our services thereafter constitute

acceptance. The Company shall however communicate any major changes via channels

provided by you. We, therefore, request that you pay attention to all such

communication, and also visit our website regularly to stay abreast of such


3. You agree that we will act on all instructions or requests carried out while you are

logged in to your account or from your registered communication channels and the

Company will have no further obligation to double check the identity of the sender of the


4. You must ensure that your log-in details are kept safe and only used by you. Avoid

sharing them with third parties or recording them in locations where their safety can be

compromised. You understand that the Company cannot be held responsible for any

unauthorized use or security breaches experienced otherwise. You hereby indemnify us

against all losses, costs claims or damages with respect to honoring unauthorized

instructions which were not due to our negligence.

5. The Company warrants to make reasonable attempts to ensure the integrity and

security of the server associated with the portal, and that the portal is fully operational as

much as possible to reduce down times to the barest minimum. You shall therefore

indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company from all claims, causes of action, costs,

attorney’s fees, and related costs resulting from your use of the portal.

6. You agree to comply with all safety instructions periodically shared with you and

published on our website. The Company shall not be liable either directly or indirectly for any

loss of profits or business or damages that result from your inability to use the portal or

any wrong use of the portal.

7. If you have reason to believe your account or log – in details have been compromised in

any way, kindly send a detailed email to lay a complaint about the breach immediately